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Mixed Reality Passthrough Window (Janus Table) 2023

Integrating Interfaces into Furniture: New Paradigms for Ubiquitous Computing, Mixed Reality, and Telepresence within the Built Environment

As extended reality becomes more prevalent, one can begin to imagine a move away from devices that are carried on our bodies, such as smartphones, towards augmented content that is directly integrated into the built environment always already around us. This prototype validates new design paradigms in furniture design and ubiquitous computing that offer novel affordances for extended reality telepresence. The table interface features two screens, situated back to back, with two mounted cameras, facing in opposite directions. This creates the effect of looking through a window, upon which virtual content can be overlaid. This configuration allows local users sitting around the table to more easily interact with remote users, who appear on both sides of the Mixed Reality Passthrough Window, giving the sense that all users are sharing the same space. The effect is further enhanced by the relative proportions and orientation embodied in the form language of the table, as well as the careful attention given to the UX/UI.

Media Architectural Biennale 2023 presentation link

Development Team
Ian Gonsher (PI)
Asad Khan
Ray Sun
Yumeng Ma
Mandy He
Kevin Hsu
Leon Lau
Arun Kavishwar
Jinha Kang
Maya Fleischer
Li June Choi
Vanessa Chang
Sicheng Li
Michael Chandler
Keyu Zhu

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