Experiments in Blended Augmented Reality 2017

This collaboration with Ethan Mok and Jing Zi-Yu Qian is an early investigation into designing force feedback for augmented reality applications. By giving users the feeling of holding an object that does not physically exists, while still providing an affordance for the user to physically interact with real objects, we create the opportunity to blur the boundaries between the physical and the virtual. Our initial prototypes explored two methods:

The first uses variations in the current of magnets to create force feedback that can mimic a range of materials. In our demo, the user has the sensation of holding a ball which exists only on the screen. The second method integrates analog feedback servos into simple tools, demonstrating the feasibility of acting on both physical and virtual objects concurrently. This oppositional force feedback - pushing back between two points - can be applied to a range of tools such as pliers, scissors, tweezers, tongs, and other similar objects.