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STEAM Studio: Copy
Digital Learning & Design

Introduction to Drawing


Project Brief

Your assignment is to create a copy of the reproduction of the “Creation of Adam” using the grid to help with proportion. Then, choose another image to copy. Carefully consider how all the elements in the image relate to one another. Consider proportion and scale. Consider how the details relate to the whole.

After you have made a copy of the “Creation of Adam” search the internet or visit your local library. Take time to select an image by an artist that appeals to you, and then print it out. Your image should be big enough to clearly see detail.

On your copy (and not in the library book), use a ruler to lay out a grid on the image. Then lay out another grid in your sketchbook or sketchpad to map out the appropriate proportions of every part to every other part. Use the lines as points of reference and adjust your proportions as needed.

Making copies of great works of art through intentional observation improves visual memory by translating what the eye sees into marks that the hand makes. Make multiple copies of the same work to understand it better. After you feel comfortable with your sense of proportion, try it without the grid.

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