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Selected Academic Publications


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Khan, A., Yang, S., Gonsher, I. (2023). Designing for Death: Emerging Technologies for the Process of Dying and the Memorialization of Life. In: Stephanidis, C., Antona, M., Ntoa, S., Salvendy, G. (eds) HCI International 2023 Posters. HCII 2023. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1832. Springer, Cham.


Gonsher, I., Feng, P., McArn, T., Christenson, A. (2023). Designing for Wide Adoption: An Inexpensive and Accessible Extended Reality (XR) Device. In: Stephanidis, C., Antona, M., Ntoa, S., Salvendy, G. (eds) HCI International 2023 Posters. HCII 2023. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1836. Springer, Cham.

Gonsher, I., Lee, M., Ma, Y., Pineda-dominguez, I., Han, Y. (2023). The Mixed Reality Passthrough Window: Rethinking the Laptop Videoconferencing Experience. In: Tared Ahram and Redha Taiar (eds) Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies (IHIET-AI 2023): Artificial Intelligence and Future Applications. AHFE (2023) International Conference. AHFE Open Access, vol 70. AHFE International, USA. (link)

Gonsher, I., Han, Y., Desingh, K., & Gokaslan, A. (2022). Prototyping Mixed Reality Large Screen Mobile Telepresence Robots. (link)

Gonsher, I., Rapoport, D., Marbach, A., Kurniawan, D., Eiseman, S., Zhang, E., ... & Lei, Z. (2023, October). Designing the Metaverse: A Study of Design Research and Creative Practice from Speculative Fictions to Functioning Prototypes. In Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (pp. 561-573). Cham: Springer International Publishing. (link)


​Gonsher I. (2022) Beyond the Keyboard, Mouse, and Screen: New Paradigms in Interface Design. In: Arai K. (eds) Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2021, Volume 1. FTC 2021. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 358. Springer, Cham. (link)

Gonsher, I., & Lei, Z. (2021, October). Prototype of Force Feedback Tool for Mixed Reality Applications. In 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality Adjunct (ISMAR-Adjunct) (pp. 508-509). IEEE Computer Society.

Qian, J., Zhou, T., Young-Ng, M., Ma, J., Cheung, A.,  Li, X., Gonsher, I. and Huang, J. (2021) Portalware: Exploring Free-Hand AR Drawing with a Dual-Display Smartphone-Wearable Paradigm. In Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2021 (DIS '21). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 205–219. (link)

Macmadu, A., Brinkley-Rubinstein, L., Gonsher, I., Clarke, J. G., & Brockmann, B. W. (2021). Engaged scholarship at the Brown University School of Public Health: designing education for better prisoner and community health. International Journal of Prisoner Health, 17(4), 509-519. (link)

Gonsher, I and Kim, S. (2020) Robots as Furniture, Integrating Human-Computer Interfaces into the Built Environment. In Companion of the 2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI ’20 Companion), March 23–26, 2020, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 3 pages. (link)

Gonsher, I. (2018). Demo hour. ACM Interactions 25, 4 (June 2018), 8-11. (link)

Rebola, C. & Gonsher, I. (2018). Discursive Engineering Design: A Speculative Framework for Designing Technological Innovation. DESIGN 2018 -15th International Conference, May 21-24, 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia. (link)

Hattab, A., Gonsher, I., Moreno, D., & Taubin, G. (2017). Differential 3D Scanning. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 38(3), 43-51. (link)

Gonsher, I.  (2017). Positive Sum Design: Designing Affordances for Bias, Choice and Coordination. Ergonomics International Journal 2017, 1(5): 000127. (link)

Gonsher, I. (2017). An Introduction to Positive Sum Design. (link)


Ian Gonsher, Justin Lee, Mathew Lo. (2020). High speed Multi-Directional Three Dimensional Printer (US/ US20210076502A1). U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (link)


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